5.2. Extreme dilution - Heterozygous Forms

5.2.1. ce with ch


Colorpoint beige, a/a ce/ch
pic: Arttu Väisälä

Rapunzel's Post-Modern Prometheus

Bone, a/a ce/c
pic: Arttu Väisälä

This combination gives colorpoint beige - a black eyed variety. As the combinations of albino group genes usually give phenotypes somewhere in-between the heterozygotes, this mouse has body colouring like a Siamese and points & lack of shadings like a Himalayan. Blue dilution version of the same theme is Colorpoint Smoke.

5.2.2. ce with c

With Ay/* - ce/c mice are black eyed white, which tend to have typical red ears and body type.

Most familiar example of a ce/c mouse is bone. This variety is "phase three cream", the cream of present day British Fancy. Bone is inbetween ce/ce beige and c/c albino in colour. The final shade depends on other genes and modifiers present and can vary from slightly off-white to almost beige. With p/p, the mouse can easily pass for an albino, especially in satin coat. ce/c p/p mice reveal their true genotype usually only after a breeder gets black eyed young from a supposedly c/c x c/c cross. A true bone has black background, A/* makes for a uneven colouring. Aw and at both give bone fox, the latter being proper. Bone foxes tend to be darker than self Bones, due to at usually bringing in top colour darkening umbrous determinants.