Table of Genes

A chart of major colour, markings and coat variety loci, genes and examples of varieties.

Locus Chr Gene Example of Variety
A locus
Ay - dominant Yellow. Dominates over all others, lethal whem homozygous. Red
Avy - viable Yellow Brindle
Ahvy - hypervariable Yellow Brindle
Aw - white-bellied Agouti Chinchilla some strains
A - agouti, wild type Agouti, agouti group
at - Tan belly. Tans
am - mottled agouti Brindle
a - nonagouti Black, black group
ae - extreme nonagouti (extreme) Black
B Locus 4 B - full colour

bc - cordovan Chocolate

b - brown Chocolate (light)
bt 15 bt - belted Belted
C locus 7 C - full colour

cch - chinchilla Chinchilla, Marten Sable, Fox

ce - extreme dilution Beige, Coffee, Bone when heterozygous with c

ch - himalayan Siameses, Himalayan when heterozygous with c

c - albinism PEW
Ca 15 Ca - Caracul (curly coat), straightens almost totally with age. Astrex (poor)

ca - normal coat
D locus 9 D - full colour
(Myo5a, myosin Va)
d - blue dilution Blue
E locus 8 E - full colour

e - recessive Yellow Red
fr 7 Fr - normal coat

fr - Frizzy (curly coat) Frizzie
go 5 Go - Normal coat

go - Angora-Y long hair

go - Angora long hair
hs ? Hs - no spotting

hs - head spot, greatly affected by modifiers
lhr 8 lgh - "long hair" lacks undercoat in adults on body, identifyable from 5 weeks onwards.
ln 1 Ln - full colour

ln - Leaden (gene that mimics the Blue dilution) "mock Blue"
Mo locus X Mobr - Brindle (sex-linked) Brindle

mo - no brindling
P locus 7 P - full colour

p - pink-eyed dilution
Pe 13 Pe - normal colour

pe - Pearl (dilutes yellow and black pigment, affects hair roots more)
Re 11 Re - Rex (curly coat) Astrex

re - normal coat
rst - rosette Abessinian
Rw - Rumpwhite (lethal when homozygous) Rumpwhite
S locus 14 S - no white spotting

s - recessive white spotting piebald, Broken, Even
sa 13 Sa - normal coat

sa - satin coat Satin
si 10 Si - no silver ticking

si - silver ticking Silver Grey etc
U ? U - umbrous Sable
Va 3 Va - Varitint Waddler Tricolor
W locus 5 W - dominant white spotting, lethal when homozygous Variegated

Wsh - sash Banded

Wbd - banded Capped

+ - no white spotting