Shaded and Pointed

IV - Shaded & Pointed

There are two types of coat colorations in this class: pointed varieties (mice with the himalayan gene ch), which have well defined points and shaded varieties with dark top colouration shading gradually to red (Sable) or to white (Marten Sable). Homozygous pointed varieties have their points shading gradually into the body colour, while heterozygous pointed varieties have only points but no shadings.

Blue Burmese
Blue burmese (bl-bur)

Burmese (bur)

Colorpoint beige
Colorpoint beige (cpb)

Himalayan (hi)

Siamese blue point
Siamese blue point (sbp)

Siamese seal point
Siamese seal point (ssp)

Blue sable
Blue sable (bl-sa)

Lilac sable
Lilac sable (l-sa)

Marten sable
Marten sable (ms)

Sable (sa)