Writer and Sources


Satu Karhumaa, unless otherwise noted. (Standads quoted from FMC's standards)
Anniina Tuura


Satu Karhumaa's breeding experiences (bew, cc, ag, ci, si-g, s, ba/t, cha/t, cc/t, si-g/t, rew, bur, bl-sa, li-sa, d-sa, s-sa, sa, /bri, /ca, /b...), breeder interviews, books, articles and internet resources.

On genetics side Aw and ci based heavily on texts by Anniina Tuura.


Cooke, Tony: The Encyclopedia of Pet Mice (most varieties)
Cooke, Tony: Exhibition and Pet Mice, Spur Publications, Surrey, 1977 (most varieties & genetics)
Henwood, Chris: Fancy Mice, T.F.H. Publications, inc, New Jersey, 1992 (most varieties)
Silvers, Willys K.: The Coat Colors of Mice, Springer-Verlag, New York, 1979 (most varieties & genetics)
Walters, Bonnie: Genetics for Mouse Breeders, NRMCI (genetics)


Bumford, Dave / NMC News (/ba, /rw, tri, /var, hi)Banded, Rumpwhite, Tricolour, Variegated, Himalayan)
Bultman et al (Aw
J.H. / NMC News (ms, s)
Hutchins, Roger / NMC News (ms, s)
Majuri, Marko / Haisulit (bl, si-g/br/fa, pe)
Piippo, Minna / Rattus, Haisulit (fa, r, ag)
Robinson, Roy / NMC News (beb/cr)
Tuura Anniina / Haisulit (c-locus recessives, coat varieties, pink eyed varieties)

Internet resources:

Center for Genome Research
Mouse Genome Informatics (most varieties & genetics)


Bumford, Dave (tri)
Haljala, Hilkka (hi, sbp, ssp)
Linnanvirta, Helena (cha, ar, pk)
Majuri, Marko (sstrex, bl-ag, r)
Piippo, Minna (beb)
Bustamante, Nicole (fuzzy)
Robbins, Karen (splashed)
Tuura, Anniina (c-locus recessives, coat varieties, pink eyed varieties) Walgate, Cait (fuzzy)