Lilac Agouti (li-ag)

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"Eye black. Lilac agouti to be rich cream coloured with even lilac ticking all through. The belly shall be cream coloured, ticked as on top. Feet to match top in both colour and ticking."

Breeding information below the pictures.

Lk lilac agouti naaras Chips
b.: Eva & Emelie Svensson (SWE)
ow: Johanna Gröhn (SWE)
pic: Emelie Svensson

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Another pic of the same mouse.

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Lilac Agouti

It isn't quite certain whether this mouse is actually a lilac agouti. If it is, it could be leaden.

Knuspergardens blue/lilac agouti doe
b. & o: Maiju Collan
pic: Arttu Väisälä

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Quick Look

Lilac agouti is agouti with both brown and blue dilutions. In other words, it is blue cinnamon. This variety isn't by far a strikingly beautiful one, as the red / yellow pigment of a cinnamon is diluted into cream and brown into lilac.

In order to breed lilac agoutis, you will need to introduce the blue dilute gene to a cinnamon. Fastest way to do this is to breed cinnamon to lilac and then the resulting cinnamons to lilac, continuing with lilac agouti to lilac agouti crosses.