Ruby Eyed White (rew)

ru/ru (or a dark dove) or light b/b mouse with markings bred to cover the whole of the mouse)

"The white shall be pure in colour. Eyes ruby, not to be confused with pink or black eyes."

Breeding information below the pictures.


This mouse is actually a PEW, the image has been manipulated to look like a REW.

SH doe Rapunzel's White Magic
b. & o: Anniina Tuura
pic: Arttu Väisälä

Note: This article is old and waiting to be rewritten.

Quick Look

The ruby eyed white mouse is very similar to the black eyed white and is bred accordingly, the only difference being the colour of the eye. It appears that REW mice are easier to breed into standard than the BEW, as they tend to have less coloured spots.

With the ruby eyed gene ru, the mouse have unpigmented eyes at birth, but the eyes darken with age to ruby. The gene dilutes coat colour like the blue dilution d, but less. Intrucing white spotting to the mouse and then "breeding out" the colour gives one REWs.

Two other options would be to go for very dark dove or very light brown dilution b/b mice and then widen the markings all over the mouse, as you would a BEW.