a/a bc/* ce/ce D/* P/*

"The colour is very light brown with a slight grey shade, like coffee with cream. Eyes black. Not to be confused with beige."

Breeding information below the pictures.

dark Coffee Fox

A very dark coffee fox, at/* bc/* ce/ce D/* P/*. A clear co/f as young, the mouse darkend to look like a cc/f: with age.

SHS co/f doe Noddyn Nine Hours Later
b. Satu Karhumaa, o. & pic: Anniina Tuura

Quick Look

Coffee has the colour of dark coffee with milk, with black eyes. Genetically speaking, it is almost similar to beige, with one important difference: where as beige is B/*:n or b/b ("ruby eyed beige") -coffee has bc - "cordovan".

It may seem odd to have a variety where the black background dilution is actually darker than the proper chocolate background (bc/*). However, this is made possible by the fact that extreme dilution ce has a stronger effect on black pigment than on brown pigment.

With proper modifiers - or rather, unsuitable if you're trying to breed good coffee mice - coffee can darken to be as dark as chocolate. The trouble is, these mock chocolates lack the warmth of a true chocolate. This effect works, if you're trying to breed chocolate foxes, though. One example of this darkening effect of modifiers can be seen in the pic above. The mouse pictures was born in a line of black tan mice carrying cordovan.