Reverse Siamese (rs)

Genotype not known.

"Color to be a medium coffee-with-cream color with white points to give the effect of a siamese but in a reverse siamese pattern. Points to be as white as possible to contrast against the dark background. Points to include the nose, ears, feet, and tail. Eye color is black. "

Breeding information below the pictures.

Good, distinctive points.

SHS reverse siamese Mephala's Dagur
b, o. & pic: Marjo-Elisa Vaaraniemi

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Reverse Siamese

Good points, excellent ears.

SHS reverse siamese
b, o. & pic: Kaisu Airaksinen

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Quick Look

The genotype of reverse siamese mice isn't fully known. Some believe the colour being dependant on a c-locus allele called crs, which would act like extreme dilution ce when heterozygous, but cause the distinctive reverse siamese colouration when homozygous. On the other hand, dark coffee mice do have a tencency of having lighter extremities, which together with modifiers and breeding towards this tendency (which is a fault on a coffee), would explain the variety.