Colorpoint Smoke (cps)

a/a B/* ce/ch d/d P/*

"Eyes black. Body color to be light grey with distinct blue tinge, point as with siamese blue point. No shadings."

Breeding information below the pictures.

Shs colorpoint smoke Apollon Cold
b, ow. & pic: Maria Kallio

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Colorpoint Smoke

SHA Colorpoint Smoke buck from the Apollon Mousery
b, o & pic Maria Kallio

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Quick Look

Colourpoint smoke is the blue dilution of colorpoint beige. Like cpb, it is heterozygous in the c-locus. In colourpoint smoke, the mouse has one himalayan gene ch and one extreme dilution gene ce + blue dilutions (d/d).

In order to get colourpoint smoke, one needs to introduce the blue dilutions to colorpoint beige - or simply mate a siamese blue point with a smoke (blue dilution of beige) and you'll get a whole litter of colourpoint smokes.